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Multitool knife - SOG Power Access Deluxe Black

Multitool knife - SOG Power Access Deluxe Black


Meet SOG's new Power Access Deluxe multi-tool
The multi-tool has the largest number of tools today among the SOG flyers.
In addition, it is equipped with the patented power multiplier that characterizes most tools from this manufacturer. The force multiplier patent (a pair of hand-operated gears that increase the pressing force) makes SOG's multi-tools the most powerful multi-tools available in the world of multi-tools, in terms of the force of the pliers. A thing that there is no one, who understands something, who would not want to explain it.

Another advantage derived from the force multiplier mechanism made of gears, is that opening and closing the multitool is much easier than competing multitools. In fact, with some experience and practice, the Power Access Deluxe can be opened using only one hand, which is not possible with tools from other companies.

Another tool that makes SOG's Deluxe such a perfect tool is a 1/4 drive socket adapter, one that every self-respecting professional has in their toolbox.
In the Power Access Deluxe, you can use standard bits (BIT) of any screwdriver (1/4 inch) that you have at home, and if a bit is lost, you can purchase an identical one at any hardware store for a small price. The new Multi Tool comes with a bit set that includes 12 bits of different sizes and shapes for a variety of uses.

Overall length    - 17.2 cm
Weight - 246.5 grams

The multi tool includes: scalpel, smooth blade, serrated blade, medium Phillips screwdriver, large Phillips screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, watch screwdriver, double tooth wood saw, carrying case, 1/4" bit set, measuring ruler, opener Bottles, can opener, Chopin

lifetime warranty!
The warranty will be given upon presentation of an original receipt for the purchase of the product and after reasonable use, i.e. - provided that the tool was used for the purpose for which it was intended.

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