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Reusable match

Reusable match


Compact and efficient fire stone!
This ingenious gadget combines a firestone with a real flame and all this in a small and convenient size.
The metal match is stored in a small container with some kind of flammable liquid (the product comes without liquid, you can purchase liquid at any smoking product store or safely use any suitable flammable liquid at your disposal).
At the end of the match there is a flint with a piece of cloth tied to it, the friction created by the flint on the other stone located outside the box (similar to any normal matchbox) creates a spark that ignites the liquid-soaked cloth and voila we have an efficient, easy-to-use fire.

Use this product safely and return the match to its box only after extinguishing it!

technical details:
Size: 1.7X6.4 cm
Weight: about 50 - 70 grams

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