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Survival ax - Gerber- Bushcraft Ax - Currently out of stock

Survival ax - Gerber- Bushcraft Ax - Currently out of stock


Not in stock at the moment - we'll update when it's back on the shelves.
Do you like axes? Want a really big, comfortable, and not very heavy ax?
The Greber survival ax is what you are looking for...
The Greber company is a household name in survival tools and has a very wide range of tools that combine "gadgets" with ancient technology.
The Bushcraft Ax is an ax about 64 cm long and has a head with a point about 17 cm long. The ax head is built as one piece and is made of forged steel. At the back of the head of the hammer is a field hammer, with which you can drive nails or pegs.

The handle of the ax is made of rubber welded to the body of the ax, and is ergonomically designed and particularly comfortable to hold. In the upper part of the handle there are holes, which contribute to reducing the overall weight of the ax.

But the best part of the handle in general is hidden from view at first glance, inside the handle is a "rail" that is pulled out of the handle, and has two compartments where you can store matches, kindling, a lighter and more. In addition, a string can also be found at the end of the rail, and when the rail is inside the ax handle, it is completely waterproof, so the equipment in it will be kept dry and safe.

technical details:

Overall length: 64 cm
Blade length: 17.45 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Handle material: rubber coating
Steel type:    Forged steel
Includes    Tie string, two storage compartment rail, field hammer
Unique features: lifetime warranty, carrying case

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