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Survival hawk - SOG - Survival hawk

Survival hawk - SOG - Survival hawk


Meet the new ax of the SOG company - the  Survival Hawk.
There are parameters we look for when we ask for a good tool for building a camp. The tool should be light in weight, versatile and efficient. When you look at the SOG survival ax, you will understand why it is the best option for you.
The head of the Survival ax is made of blackened 2Cr steel with a relatively low level of difficulty, which ensures that the blade of the ax, which is 7.62 cm long, will not hurt. At the top of the ax you can also find a nail puller, and a small area used as a field hammer. The handle of the ax is made of Glass-Reinforced Nylon and in its lower part a string is wound around it, which can be untied if necessary. The ax handle has a firestone, so you'll be ready for any scenario.
The ax comes with a carrying case with which you can connect the ax to the survival kit or attach it to your vehicle.

Overall length: 30.73 cm
Blade length: 7.62 cm
Steel strength: RC. 47-49
Includes: flint, nail puller, tying string, carrying case, field hammer
Weight: 552.83 grams
Steel type:    2Cr

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