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Ax + saw (combo) - Gerber Gator Combo Ax II

Ax + saw (combo) - Gerber Gator Combo Ax II


A perfect combo of an ax and a saw can be pulled out of the ax handle. 
When choosing a good ax for hiking, the parameters we are looking for are a combination between a sufficiently efficient weight and a good grip handle with a sufficiently strong working torque, this product provides us with exactly these parameters.
With an ax head made of forged steel and ideally constructed for the function of the ax, an ax handle made of Glass-Filled Nylon and longer than the original GATOR, which makes it easier to work with trees in field conditions and gives a stronger swing torque.
The material coating the ax handle provides a comfortable and safe grip even in challenging climatic conditions. In the handle of the ax is a small handsaw with coarse teeth, caught inside the handle of the ax by a magnet. The saw is a very important accessory for trips and together with the ax it completes an excellent set for operating and setting up camp. The ax comes with a lifetime warranty!

Overall length: 39.6 cm
Blade length: 6.85 cm
Weight: 737 grams
Steel type:    Forged Steel
Saw overall length: 26 cm
Saw blade length: 15.5 cm
Saw weight: 68 grams
Saw handle material: Glass Filed-Nylon
Includes: multipurpose saw, carrying case
Unique features: improved grip, lifetime warranty

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