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Combined ax - Gator Combo Ax by Gerber

Combined ax - Gator Combo Ax by Gerber


Axes have been around for years, but Gerber's Gator series of axes are without a doubt a breakthrough in the field.
Meet the  Gator Combo Ax - This ax presents a relatively compact appearance, but don't let its appearance fool you. This is a unique and sophisticated ax that gives you 2 tools for the price of 1 - an ax + a knife that hides inside its handle.
The head of the ax is made of forged steel, the forging process helps maintain the ax's edge over time.
The handle of the ax is made of plastic with a combination of rights fibers and coated with rubber (what the Americans define, "tactical rubber") which gives the user a comfortable and safe grip, even during prolonged work.
Overall length - 22.2 cm
Blade length - 6.85 cm
Weight - 669 grams

small knife:
Overall length of knife    - 17.8 cm
Knife blade length    - 7.3 cm
Knife weight  - 56 grams

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