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Ax - Sport Ax II by Gerber company

Ax - Sport Ax II by Gerber company


Gerber's axes are built and designed to handle difficult tasks and are made of durable and strong materials.
Whether we carry it when we go camping, or use it in the backyard, the Sport Ax II   is without a doubt one of the best options. On the one hand, it offers a strong and durable ax head that will have no difficulty performing any task, and on the other hand, its weight is not large at all, which makes it easier to carry and use.

The size of the Sport Ax II makes it the ideal ax for tasks such as chopping wood and splitting small trunks. The ax head, made of forged steel and coated with a special coating that reduces friction, allows you to achieve impressive results when it comes to splitting wood. In fact, it is possible to achieve a result three times (!) better than the average. Which allows, due to its size and the quality of its blade, to use it with greater speed and efficiency. Also, the special coating of the blade prevents it from getting stuck in the wood during use.

The ax handle is also unusual. The ax handle actually acts as a shock absorber and reduces the chance of injury due to improper use. In addition, the handle of the Sport Ax II gives a comfortable and safe grip even in less than ideal conditions.
The ax is made in Finland and comes with an easy-to-use hard sheath that protects the ax blade when not in use.

Overall length     - 35.5 cm
Blade length - 6.6 cm
Type of steel - Forged Steel
Handle material - Glass-Filed Nylon
Weight - 640 grams

  • The ax comes with a lifetime warranty.
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