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Multitool - Gerber Dime

Multitool - Gerber Dime


Want a small and powerful multitool? One that fits easily in a pocket? This excellent multitool from the Gerber company is an example of exactly such a product.
The Dime is a mini-multitool from the maker of the Gerber company that includes 12 tools, which guarantee readiness for any malfunction or task you will be required to perform. After opening the arms of the multitol, you will notice that this multitol has a spring mechanism in the pliers, a mechanism that greatly facilitates the use of the tool.

In addition to a stainless steel pliers, the Dime also includes a smooth blade, scissors, a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, a nail, and a bottle opener. In addition to this, the tool also has a safety knife designed for opening cardboard and plastic packages, and all this in a tool that can be part of your keychain

  Overall length: 10.79 cm
Closed length: 6.9 cm
Weight: 62.36 grams
Unique features: lifetime warranty, ring for tying a lanyard, spring mechanism in the pliers
Includes: smooth blade, medium Phillips screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, scissors, package opener, bottle opener, tweezers, sunken pliers, pointed pliers, nail, cutter

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