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Yoga mat - SAMSARA by Aztec

Yoga mat - SAMSARA by Aztec


Professional yoga mat for prana-loving vegan yogis (wink smiley). And now seriously, if you want to really invest in yourself, this mattress is for you. Yoga mat made of cork and natural rubber, extremely comfortable and ecological. Absorbs sweat and moisture and prevents slipping. Suitable for a wide range of activities and floor training. Lightweight and folds easily.

technical details:

• Length 173 cm
• Width 66 cm
• Thickness 4.5 mm
• Weight about 3 kg
• Has markings on the mattress
• Sweat absorption
• Ecological - made of cork and natural rubber (100% biodegradable)

Cleaning instructions:
using a car cloth dipped in cold water.
Wipe the mattress gently with the cloth, allow the mattress to dry before folding
*Avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaning agents

Top surface - cork
Base - Natural rubber

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