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Independent inflatable mattress - NIGHTSHIFT by Aztec

Independent inflatable mattress - NIGHTSHIFT by Aztec


Have you always been looking for a mattress that can inflate itself? Now you found it! Independent inflatable mattress, full size, for an adult, 3 cm thick. 
A combination between sleeping comfort and insulation capacity and the weight. Suitable for jeep trips, camping, bicycle trips, and sports training.

technical details:

• Folds to a compact size, packing bag included.
• To inflate the mattress, open the valve and within a few minutes the mattress inflates to its full size.
• Shell: PVC+polyester
• Flexible and strong coating that protects the mattress. High resistance against water, moisture and stains.
• Excellent insulation thanks to developed materials that maintain the lightness of the mattress and limited volume.
• The air valve of the mattress is protected from the weather, the valve is extra wide to also allow mouth inflation for those who want extra high pressure
• Bump finish on the upper surface, creates friction, to prevent slipping while sleeping
• Area: 180x50 cm
• Thickness: 3 cm
• Weight: 890 grams
• Package size: 26x16 cm

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