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Space mattress - SPACE BED SLEEPING PAD by Aztec

Space mattress - SPACE BED SLEEPING PAD by Aztec


Looking for an inflatable mattress that will improve your sleep and also do it at a comfortable weight and minimal size?
Come on go for it! This excellent mattress from the creator of Aztec allows you sleeping comfort and storage efficiency.
Inflatable 'egg' mattress for the area, convenient to use, inflates quickly and packed to a minimum size - only 20x9 cm!

technical details:

• Inflating the mattress by blowing 10-15 breaths into the mattress space (you can also use a pump or an inflatable pillow)
• The mattress is built in the form of an 'egg mattress' - provides excellent insulation and is easy to carry
• Folds to a compact size, packing bag included
• Area: 55x180 cm
• Thickness: 5 cm
• Weight: 470 grams
• Package size: 20x9 cm

Inflating the mattress:
1. The mattress has a plug made of two parts - a one-way valve and an emptying plug
2. Initial inflation can be done when the drain plug is open - a large amount of air can be introduced without effort
3. When the mattress is fully inflated, close the cap with the one-way valve so that the air we put in does not escape and through the cap blow several breaths until the desired pressure is obtained in the mattress
4. Emptying the mattress - opening the cap without the one-way valve will cause the air to escape very quickly


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