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Inflatable mattress - Kombat

Inflatable mattress - Kombat


Going on a trip? Meet the inflatable mattress of the British company Kombat.
The mattress is an inflatable mattress, but unlike other inflatable mattresses, this mattress inflates by itself and does not need to be inflated manually or by a pump. As soon as we take the mattress out of its carrying case, it will start pumping air into it until it is fully inflated. After it has reached an inflated state, we will close the valve and thus the air will remain inside the mattress, and when we want to fold it, we will open the valve and the air will escape.

Mattress dimensions:

Length- 183 cm 
Width- 51 cm 
Thickness- 3 cm

Dimensions of the mattress when it is folded:
Length- 30 cm 
Diameter- 18 cm

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