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Walkie talkies - T82 by MOTOROLA

Walkie talkies - T82 by MOTOROLA


This wonderful product is the best that licensed radios have to offer.
As part of the family of walkie-talkies - PMR446 does not require a license and can be used in any situation, great for trips and emergencies.
The T82 is IPx2 rated water splash resistant, the new hidden display, helps you make calls easily and comes to life when needed. The convenient pairing button will help you easily set up communication between devices and create group calls between several devices. Comes with an LED flashlight so you can read the map even at night. Comes with rechargeable NiMA batteries, can also be charged with regular AA alkaline batteries.
Another convenient   and efficient feature that will allow you to charge the devices from other products on the site as well - USB charging!!! Yes, yes, you can cook with the oven that generates electricity from the BIOLITE company and charge your radios in the process! 
Additional features - vibration alert, hands-free.
Range: up to 10 kilometers - depending on the terrain conditions and the amount of electromagnetic radiation in the environment (radio, cell phone, etc.)
Channels: 16 + 121 privacy codes (by law - limited to 8 channels in Russia)

technical details:
Dimensions - 5.7 x 18.1 x 3.3 cm
Weight - approx197 grams(including battery).
Comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery, belt clips, belt charger, instruction book in Hebrew.

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