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Folding saw - SOG - Folding Saw

Folding saw - SOG - Folding Saw


A saw is an especially important tool as part of a survival system. The longer it is, the easier it is to use, but the harder it is to carry. SOG managed to find the perfect balance between the two and created the Folding Saw.

The folding saw features a blade about 21 cm long made of carbon-rich steel that has been forged and undergone strengthening processes that give the blade extremely high durability. The handle of the saw is particularly comfortable and ergonomically designed for user comfort.

SOG's Folding Saw is the ideal folding saw for the Israeli PREPPER...

technical details:
Overall length: 43.81 cm
Blade length: 20.96 cm
Weight:260.82 grams
Steel type: High Carbon steel

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