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Smoker for meat and fish - BBQ SMOKER

Smoker for meat and fish - BBQ SMOKER


Do you like to smoke food and want to try it yourself? With our excellent smoker you can do it with fun and at a really affordable price!
A smoker with a built-in temperature gauge, 2 compartments for smoking the food, a lower compartment designed for charcoal - can also be used as a regular charcoal barbecue, a built-in water bowl to improve the smoking process, a vent to control the smoking temperature and service doors that allow access to the interior of the smoker.

Dimensions: 44X53X80 cm. 
The diameter of the cooking grid: 38 cm. 
Maximum cooking height 56 cm.
The smokehouse comes packaged in parts with assembly instructions and all the necessary screws, you should have a Phillips screwdriver and/or a screwdriver at home.
The smoker must be used responsibly and accompanied by an adult only.

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