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Machete - Gerber Bolo Gator

Machete - Gerber Bolo Gator


Do you like to walk in jungles? Do you like to drink coconut water straight from the fruit? Meet the Gator Bolo machete   of the Gerber company.
As in the past - even today, machetes are intended for the use of cutting grass and tangles, cutting wood, food, etc...
The bolo machete (BOLO) was developed on the basis of the old machetes, which were used in the Philippines and underwent several improvements and upgrades to the current version.
The improvements the machete underwent include upgrading the handle and making it more ergonomic, more comfortable to hold. In addition - due to the texture of the handle, it is suitable for use in humid and wet weather conditions. The bolo machete is a full-tang machete so that the piece of steel from which the blade is made reaches the end of the handle, and does not end at the beginning.
Compactness and ease of carrying are important features for a penknife or small knife, but when it comes to leveling a path in the forest, these features are less important, what really matters is a strong and long blade. The blade of the Gator Bolo machete is made of 1050 steel known for its resistance to rust and the length of the blade is about 40 cm.
The machete comes with a cordura fabric sheath that keeps the knife blade from bumping into things when the machete is not in use.
The weight of the machete and its shape create an optimal combination for cutting and leveling a road.

Technical characteristics:
Overall length: 57.2 cm
Blade length: 39.4 cm
Weight: 589 grams
Steel type:    1050
Handle material: Gator Grip

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