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Resin concoction - green frankincense and myrrh

Resin concoction - green frankincense and myrrh

80.00 ₪Price

Concentrated extracts in cold-pressed olive oil.
Frankincense has antimicrobial properties, revives blood circulation and helps the regeneration of white blood cells, accelerates the natural regeneration processes in cells and restores mucous membranes, helps reduce asthma symptoms and relieves allergies, has been used for thousands of years to this day for oral and dental hygiene, treatment of skin damage, respiratory system, wounds , inflammation and diseases of the urinary tract. Myrrh resin is the complement of frankincense, blood stimulator, immune system stimulator, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, against all types of infections and parasites.

The fragrance of frankincense is known to have a meditative quality, causing the breathing to slow down and deepen, which increases peace during prayer and meditation. It is known that lavender was used for spiritual needs from ancient times to the present day. Nowadays the Christian Church still uses resin. The oil is considered relaxing, uplifting, helps with anxiety and compulsive situations related to the past.
Instructions for use: 
When taking internally 10 drops 4-3 times a day if necessary
Apply externally on clean skin with gentle massage movements on the chest and neck and on sore muscles / joints.
Before use, consult a doctor and/or a specialist therapist
Content: 50/10 ml.

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