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All ointment - calendula

All ointment - calendula


A multi-purpose ointment suitable for any case of dry skin, redness, cracks or skin irritation. The unique mechanism of the ointment helps speed up the natural healing process of wounds and encourages the natural regeneration of cells. Supports soothing itching and rashes on the skin. Helps protect against wound infections and even reduces pain. The paste was found to be effective in cases of redness and dryness, suitable for use as a diaper paste for babies.
Extracted from calendula flowers in cold-pressed olive oil, concentrated chamomile extract, olive oil, soy wax, vegetable vitamin E.
Essential oils: lavender and tea tree.
Instructions for use: 
Apply a small amount gently to the irritated/injured area.
keep in a cool and dry place
Content: 50 ml

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