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Adapter for Sawyer water purifier for Schlockers

Adapter for Sawyer water purifier for Schlockers


Sawyer water transfer adapter.

Designed for water bags and shockers,

Correlation between the bag/locker and the filter.

The adapter allows a quick passage of water from the water bag through the filter directly to the locker without taking it out of the bag.

To use the adapter, connect the adapters to the bag/locker tube, press the nozzle, and press the water filter to fill the bag through the tube.

The adapters are suitable for the Sawyer water filters: Sawyer Micro Squeeze, Squeeze and Mini.

Important emphasis: the Schlocker's tube must have an internal diameter of approximately 6.4 mm.

Instructions for use: 

1. To connect the adapters, cut the Schlocker tube a few inches from the nozzle.

2. Insert the white 'quick disconnect' adapters into the pipe on both sides.

3. To fill the Schlocker, screw the nozzle and quick fill adapter onto the end of your (micro) water filter (on the side the arrow points to).

You can press the filter which will transfer water into the drinking tube, which allows you to fill the slaker while it is still in the backpack.

When using the Sawyer Mini Filter remove the tube from the threaded part and slide it over the end of the Mini, then press it onto your drinking tube.

It is recommended to watch the video at the bottom of the page

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