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Outdoor folding pot - ESCAPE 2L POT by GSI

Outdoor folding pot - ESCAPE 2L POT by GSI


What fun it is to go out in the field with a tool that also serves you for large meals and doesn't take up much space in your bag! With the folding pot of the excellent GSI company, you are really a fixer. Perfect pot for the field - folds to minimal packing volume, includes foldable insulated handles, integral heat exchanger, excellent for making pasta, the lid includes insulated handles and drainage holes for water.

Technical characteristics:
• The pot includes a lid and folding handles
• The handles are insulated and have a comfortable texture for a firm grip
• The lid includes insulated silicone grips, and drainage holes for water, especially for making pasta
• The bottom of the pot is an integral heat exchanger, which increases the efficiency and speed of heating by 30%, saves time and fuel for heating, and protects the flame from smearing, including a non-stick Teflon inner coating for easy cleaning
• Rigid edges for ease of use and providing structural stability to the tool
• Comes in a mesh bag
• Measurements on the inner wall
• Content: 2 liters
• Weight: 512 grams
• Dimensions when folded: 25.5×22.5×5.5 cm

• Made of: silicone with hardened nylon edges, the cover and the heat exchanger are made of anodized aluminum
• Additional features - BPA-Free

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