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Folding knife - Antonini by Old Bear company

Folding knife - Antonini by Old Bear company


The knife brand "Old Bear"   is the new and exclusive ANTONINI folding pocketknife, boasting simple and ergonomic lines.

The "Old Bear" brand of knives celebrates more than 90 years since the founding of the company (1925-2017), and involves an international production process at the highest level of manual, professional and experienced production.
You can choose between a handle made of fine and oiled walnut wood and an olive wood handle, both paired with a blade made of stainless steel that has been manually sharpened by skilled and professional professionals.

On the blade itself is stamped the Old Bear logo with the illustration of the bear, the object of the brand. Also, the "OLD BEAR" is equipped with a locking mechanism that uses a non-return spring, which means locking the blade with one rigid ring (registered patent n.1187282) that fixes the blade in an open or closed position.
The Old Bear series is available in two sizes:

Small - overall length 17 cm
Large -   overall length 23 cm

Steel strength    RC. 54-56
Steel coating    SATIN
Locking method    lock ring with non-return spring

Small knife technical details:
Blade length: 7 cm 
Overall length: 17 cm 
Closed length: 10 cm 
Weight: 32 grams

Technical details, a large knife
Blade length: 10 cm 
Overall length: 23 cm 
Closed length: 13 cm
Weight: 67 grams

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