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Knife - Gerber - Ultimate

Knife - Gerber - Ultimate


Another excellent product from Gerber, a knife with a firestone, a whetstone, a field hammer and an emergency whistle, and this whole kit comes with an additional chopper - lifetime warranty...

The Ultimate knife is the only surviving model from the series of products produced by the company in collaboration with Bear Grylls, the ultimate survivor. This model was especially appreciated and loved, and therefore the company decided to continue producing it even after the end of the agreement with Bear Grylls.

The knife features a semi-serrated blade about 12 cm long made of stainless steel. The combination between the style and shape of the blade, and the steel from which it is made, allows for a wide variety of cutting tasks, from simple cutting and carving tasks, to the toughest camping and survival tasks.

The handle of the knife is made of rubber and it provides the user with a comfortable and safe grip even in wet conditions and when using gloves. At the end of the handle is a field hammer, with which you can easily drive nails and pegs in the field. In addition to this, at the end of the handle you can find a safety string to which an emergency whistle is attached.

The Ultimate knife comes with a hard carrying case with which you can carry the knife easily and comfortably on the belt of your pants, on your bag and anywhere else you want. On the scabbard you can find a firestone, and in addition, there is a built-in whetstone.

The Gerber Ultimate knife is one of the best options for those looking for a functional survival knife, and with the tools that come with it, you can be sure you're ready for any scenario.

technical details:

Overall length: 25.4 cm
Blade length: 12.06 cm
Weight: 312 grams
Steel type:    stainless steel
Handle material: rubber
Blade style: half smooth and half serrated
including    firestone, whetstone, whistle, field hammer
Unique features: lifetime warranty, hard carrying case

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