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Personal survival kit

Personal survival kit


Preparing for a long trip? Want to protect yourself and your family and be well prepared? We have collected for you the best products for holistic personal survival in emergency conditions for one effective, convenient and high-quality kit.


The kit includes: a bag, a tent, a sleeping bag, an outdoor kitchen kit, a magnetizing flashlight with USB charging, a combination ax with a knife that can be pulled out of its handle, a folding saw, a pair of MOTOROLA radios, a first aid kit (holistic expansion option), a water purifier, Rope, flint - reusable match.


Options for expansion: a drinking bottle that purifies water, a portable camping stove that generates electricity from fire, a folding solar panel, a waterproof wallet, a hand drill with a carrying case, trail marking maps, a compass, binoculars, a folding carving knife and more... you have a crazy product that you would like us to add to you to the kit? Feel free to contact us!

For technical specifications and costs + detailed product pages for evaluation componentsclick here

Basic kit: 2600 NIS Radios - T62 (up to 8 km) does not include the holistic supplement for a first aid kit -

Extended kit: NIS 2800 Walkie-talkies - T82 (up to 10 km) does not include the holistic supplement for a first aid kit

Complete kit: NIS 3200 Walkie-talkies - T82 (up to 10 km) includes a holistic addition to a first aid kit: 4 essential oils - oregano, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender. 1 calendula paste to soothe and nourish the skin in emergencies.

The basic kit can be discounted by choosing a cheaper bag and a cheaper and/or smaller tent. For details, please contact us privately. (To clear your ears, this is a discount of between NIS 200-300

That is, instead of a basic kit for NIS 2600, you will get it at a price that can reach NIS 2300

depends on the products you choose to change)

Warranty - one year for all products in the kit from the moment of purchase Warranty on the ax - for life!!!

The warranty upon presentation of a receipt for the product, and in accordance with the terms of use. The warranty will be given within the time limit for the purchased product and on the condition that it was used reasonably. What we mean by 'reasonable use' is that you used the product for the purpose for which it was intended.

For more details, please feel free to contact us privately.

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