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Basic survival kit - NIS 777-999

Basic survival kit - NIS 777-999


Basic Survival Kit -

Unlike our extended survival system that contains a very wide variety of tools at a slightly more expensive price, this kit will give you an excellent answer to your basic needs with a very efficient and effective product list...

The leading brand in the kit is GERBER, a well-known and well-known company in the world of prepping (camping for professionals) that has already launched many very good products, some of which even come, like the knife in this kit - with a lifetime warranty (which officially means 25 years, but this is the most serious warranty that companies give to products theirs)

So what do we actually have here?

1. Survival knife with fire stone + sharpener *(lifetime warranty)* - GERBER company

2. Portable battery with built-in solar panel

(on the back of the battery, 24,000 mamp) - CRUZO company

Can be charged from electricity/solar

*Charges up to 7 devices at the same time

* Wireless charging

*3 types of built-in cables:

Type C, micro USB, iPhone

*Built-in LED flashlight

The battery comes with a ring for hanging, the charging cable, a warranty document and an instruction booklet.

3. Sticklight Zohar - Nite company - lze

in the color of the customer's choice (red, white, blue)

Works on batteries

(can be extended to a rechargeable Sticklite)

4. 0.5 kilo organic food, strictly kosher, in vacuum packages. - Teva Yerok Company - an Israeli brand!

(You can choose between the types of cereals

buckwheat, wheat, rice, chickpeas, lentils, flours, etc.)

5. *High quality and durable compass

Comes with a built-in thermometer

*Cost: NIS 777*

Option to expand to a bag that will contain the kit + another 1.5 kilo organic food vacuum-packed for another NIS 222

Total base kit including bag

+ 2 kilos of vacuum food: *999 NIS*

  • for further details:

    Almost every item in this kit can be expanded and modified to suit your needs

    Possible additions to expand or upgrade the kit for an additional fee (don't worry, we make great discounts):

    A better bag

    Professional tent (there is a very large selection)

    Flexible solar panel

    A more complex and sophisticated compass

    A cozy sleeping bag

    Outdoor kitchen set

    Folding dinnerware, outdoor cutlery

    Walkie-talkies (up to 10 kilometers)

    Portable straw for purifying drinking water

    A bottle with a built-in filter for purifying drinking water

    Combo ax + knife (GERBER)

    Combo ax + saw (GERBER)

    Combo ax + firestone, field hammer, string-wire (SOG)

    Your choice...

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