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Holistic first aid kit

Holistic first aid kit


A first aid kit is a must-have product in every home and yet we felt that something was missing,

The connection to nature and the use of the abundance it has to offer to benefit our healing, physically and mentally.
That's why we prepared a holistic first aid kit for you with many options for expansion and customization for your needs as individuals and as a family.

Overall assessment: 
Professional first aid kit for personal use by the KITBOX company -

1 pc personal bandage

5 pcs sterile gauze pad

10 pieces of plastic

2 pieces of fabric triangle

3 units of Egged Sterili

1 micropore 1.25  

1 pc. (scissors)

A holistic addition of essential oils -

Eucalyptus oilexpectorant oil for the treatment of the respiratory tract 
Oregano oilAntibacterial and antiviral oil with many well-known healing properties. 
tea tree oilDisinfectant oil -   good for healing the inside of the mouth and throat.
Lavender oilstrengthening oil -
Strengthens any other oil mixed with it, soothes the skin. Has many virtues for the treatment and healing of the skin in situations of irritation.
Natural calendula paste-
Calendula ointment from the creator of herbal spirit is good for soothing and nourishing the skin.

Please indicate in the order form the oils you have chosen!

This kit can be expanded to a larger kit from the KITBOX selection according to price levels, as well as adding holistic products to it at the customer's request.

(100% biodegradable organic diapers,

100% biodegradable organic tampons,

100% biodegradable organic bandages,

Natural deodorants without aluminum

and without chemicals, and more)

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