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Coffee set - COFFEE BREAK PREMIUM by Aztec

Coffee set - COFFEE BREAK PREMIUM by Aztec


A particularly indulgent coffee set, packed in a convenient bag and includes a complementary set of a cooking pot, stainless steel cups, a storage tool for coffee/tea, a spoon, and most importantly - an Alpine INFERNO canopy with a built-in wind shield and a stable structure that enables safe and comfortable cooking, in short - a kit for professionals.

technical details:

Comprehensive assessment:
• 4 insulated stainless steel cups
• 2 boxes for coffee/sugar
• A teaspoon

Pinjan Kub Baa Ye: 
• Suitable for pouring from both sides (also suitable for left-handed people)
• Made of stainless steel
• Silicone-coated metal handles, foldable with a high and stable grip
• A sunken ring structure base for maximum utilization of combustion

Inferno Alpine gas stove
• High-quality alpine gas stove, especially stable, the pot holders and legs can be folded, excellent flame dispersion, suitable for a variety of cooking utensils including pots, includes a built-in wind shield, the advantages of the alpine structure of the gas stove:
• High stability thanks to the very wide foot key
• The pot holder folds and opens to full size and can stably hold even large pots
• The low height of the gaziya contributes to wind protection
• The gas cylinder is far from the flame and the connection to it is flexible
• Electronic ignition
• Excellent control over flame height
• Made of: stainless steel and copper
• The gas makes use of the common gas tank in the Brega standard, a disposable tank weighing 450/220 grams
• The valve allows the container to be disconnected from the mine for storage and packaging purposes, or for use in lighting
• Gas containers: disposable with valve
• Weight: 220 grams
• Power: 3500W

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