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Portable solar panel 30 - city pro

Portable solar panel 30 - city pro


A professional portable solar panel that can charge up to 3 electricity consumers at the same time!

Foldable, portable and compact.

A must-have product for anyone who likes to travel in and out of the city...


Solar panel: mono-crystal

Connection: USB, USBC (Type C)

Warranty: one year

Able to charge:

cell phone


electronic book


smart watch

Portable projector

Portable speakers

Mobile Charger

Charging times (in strong direct sunlight):

Smartphones (4000mAh): 2 hours

Tablet: 4 hours

Headphones: an hour

Speaker: an hour and a half

Smart watch: an hour and a half

Portable battery (5000mAh): two hours

Portable battery (10,000mAh): 3 hours

Portable battery (20,000mAh): 6 hours

Portable battery (30,000mAh): 9 hours

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