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A rechargeable, magnetizing and rain-resistant flashlight from the NiteIze company

A rechargeable, magnetizing and rain-resistant flashlight from the NiteIze company


It's a flashlight worth expanding on! You will find technical details at the end 
The Utility Light flashlight is a rechargeable flashlight with a maximum light intensity of 850 lumens and 8 different operating modes. 
Let's start with the three operating modes of the main LED light - maximum intensity, weak intensity (90 lumens) and the flashing mode. 

Besides the main LED lamp, the flashlight also has a bulb that provides work lighting in a wider distribution, intended for desk work, reading, for use inside a tent and while camping. This bulb has two modes of operation - high intensity (230 lumens), and low intensity (25 lumens). In addition, the Utility Light also has a red working light in three modes of operation - high intensity (7.5 lumens), low intensity (0.8 lumens) and flashing mode for emergency situations.

The flashlight comes with a plastic sleeve on which you can find two strong magnets, with which you can hang the flashlight above the work table, on the hood, on the trunk of the vehicle during an emergency stop on the side of the road, and anywhere else you may need the help of the flashlight. In addition, the flashlight can be placed on the ground or on the table.

The NiteIze flashlight is charged by a USB-C cable and the battery is fully charged in about 3 hours. The flashlight switch is at the bottom of the flashlight and is very convenient to use.

The flashlight has two other important characteristics. First, the flashlight has a lock mode, which is activated by long pressing the power switch until the red work light flashes. Another feature is a memory component which means that after using a certain operating mode in the flashlight, and after turning it off, the next time we turn on the flashlight, it will turn on in the same operating mode in which you turned it off.

The lantern is resistant to rain and resistant to falling on concrete from a height of 2 meters, and its maximum illumination distance is about 270 meters.
A cool practical note - this flashlight can be charged using the multitude of energy producers we have in the store (for example - a folding solar panel or the BIOLITE stove that knows how to generate electricity from a burning fire, think about it...)

technical details:
Overall length: 14 cm
Weight:158 grams
Bulb type: LED
Light color: red, white
Unique features: lifetime warranty, magnetic clasp, lock mode, rechargeable flashlight, memory component

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