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Rechargeable headlamp - Nite Ize - Radiant 170

Rechargeable headlamp - Nite Ize - Radiant 170


Meet the new rechargeable headlamp from NiteIze - the Radiant 170.

The Radiant 170 headlamp is a rechargeable headlamp that offers a perfect balance of cost versus benefit. A rechargeable headlamp with white and red LED lighting in different intensities. In white lighting, the Radiant flashlight provides illumination with a high intensity of 170 lumens, and at a lower intensity, 20 lumens. In red lighting, intended mainly for military activity, the illumination intensity is 20 lumens.

The Radiant 170 is a compact flashlight, lightweight and very easy to operate. The flashlight is built as a narrow rectangle with a low weight and makes it easier for the user. (The weight of the flashlight is only 60 grams!). The activation button located at the top of the flashlight will allow you to switch between working modes easily. Thanks to its design, the Radiant 170 flashlight is adjustable and can move within a range of 180 degrees, which makes it the ideal flashlight for most tasks we may encounter, whether in everyday life or while working.

The Radiant 170 flashlight can also be quickly detached from the headband, so it can easily be turned into a flashlight. The flashlight is charged by a micro USB cable (not included in the box) and works on one lithium battery. The Radiant 170 is waterproof at the IPX4 level and resistant to falling onto concrete from a height of 1 meter.

The working hours of the flashlight are:
Red lighting 5 lumens - 18 hours
White lighting 20 lumens - 11 hours
 White lighting 170 lumens - 2 hours   

Price: 179₪ 
The flashlight comes with a lifetime warranty!

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