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Solar kit 300 pro

Solar kit 300 pro


Who among us doesn't go outside and fantasize about turning on a fan, laptop or mini fridge in the middle of the trip, just when it's hot and it's time to eat/rest/listen to music?

With this portable powerhouse it is possible!

A new and excellent product -

Just like the 300 basic kit only with a 120 panel!

So what do we have here?

1. A 300 watt portable power station is designed for use with a foldable solar panel for energy production and storage

2. Charging and operating electrical appliances from anywhere


High efficiency lithium battery

Fast charging:

300W (308Wh)


Weight: 4.6 kg

80 watt solar panel

Mono-crystal solar panel

Highest efficiency on the market

DC connection, USB, USBC (Type C)

So what can it charge us?

1. Half horsepower air conditioner

2. Laptop

3. Cell phone

4. Tablet

5. Headphones

6. Speakers

7. Smart watch

8. Camera

9. Portable projector

10. Television 100 watts

11. Female hunter

12. Fan


Air Freshener

small fridge

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