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Sleeping bag - HELIUM 1200 3D by Aztec

Sleeping bag - HELIUM 1200 3D by Aztec


The big brother among the trio of shacks in the HELIUM series of the excellent Aztec company. Suitable for cold climate conditions.
Weight - 1200 grams (1.2 kilos).

technical details:

• Filling - Hollow Core 3D synthetic fibers, with an excellent volume (insulation) to weight ratio
• Extremely compact, mummy cut, inner lining on the zipper, isolation strap from the shoulders down
• Includes a shrink bag with stretch straps
• The shrink bag turns into a pillow lined with brass
• Compressed to a shrinking volume of: about 17x24 cm
• Dimensions: 50×80×210 cm
• Comfort temperature: 7 °c
• Extreme temp: -3 °c
• Weight: about 1200 grams

• Fabric composition: Nylon
• Lining: Polyester (Fungi)
• Insulation: Hollow Core 3D

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