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Sleeping bag - LAMINA Z FLAME REG by Mountain Hardwear

Sleeping bag - LAMINA Z FLAME REG by Mountain Hardwear


The Mountain Hardwear company is yet another effective and excellent hit - a synthetic sleeping bag, extremely lightweight, suitable for use in cold and humid conditions. Efficient and innovative planning - each area of the body receives a level of insulation as needed, the chest and feet areas for example receive the most insulation. The seamlessly welded shell eliminates "cold spots" and increases insulation.   The insulated (inner) fibers are soldered at the ends to create long and stable fibers and maintain a spacious and comfortable structure relative to a technical and extremely lightweight shell - only 1280 grams!

technical details:

• High resistance against collapse
• Lamina Revamp Ripstop outer fabric made of microfibers in a ripstop pattern, very strong and prevents the formation of long tears
• Inner fabric that is pleasant to the touch
• Insulation fibers: Thermal.Q – the synthetic fibers have the best insulation-to-weight ratio available
• Inner lining against wind on the zipper
• Two-way zipper automatically locks
• Insulation strap from the shoulders down
• Internal pockets to store valuables
• Mesh bag for long-term storage
• Standard data t-comfort 0°c, t-limit -6°c, t-extreme -16°c :EN
• You can connect two shekels with opposite zippers for a double shekel
• Suitable for people 185 cm tall and below
• Weight: 1.28 kg
• Shrink dimensions: 39x18 cm


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