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Sleeping bag - SHASTA -9C REG by Mountain Hardwear

Sleeping bag - SHASTA -9C REG by Mountain Hardwear


If you don't know Mountain Hardwear yet, you should. Mountain Hardwear - an American company that produces technical clothing and equipment, of maximum quality, designed for the most extreme conditions, provides us with a sleeping bag with a unique design.
A very lightweight synthetic sleeping bag, suitable for use in cold conditions at temperatures around -9°c. Efficient and innovative design, each area of the body receives a level of insulation as needed, the chest and feet areas for example, receive the most insulation.

technical details:

The ability to insulate over many years of use and repeated shrinking
Characteristics of the SHS:
• Mummy structure
• Welded shell without seams, eliminates "cold spots" and increases insulation
• High resistance against collapse
• Lamina Revamp Ripstop outer fabric made of microfibers in a ripstop pattern, very strong and prevents the formation of long tears
• Inner fabric that is pleasant to the touch
• Insulation fibers: Thermal.Q – the synthetic fibers have the best insulation-to-weight ratio available
• The insulated (internal) fibers are soldered at the ends to create long and stable fibers, and maintain a spacious and comfortable structure relative to the technical and lightweight
• 80% of the insulation fibers are recycled
• Inner lining against wind on the zipper
• Two-way zipper automatically locks
• Insulation strap from the shoulders down
• Internal pockets to store valuables
• Mesh bag for long-term storage
• Includes a shrink bag
• Standard data t-comfort -4°c, t-limit -9°c, t-extreme -27°c :EN
• You can connect two shekels with opposite zippers for a double shekel
• Suitable for people 185 cm tall and below
• Weight: 1465 grams
• Shrink dimensions: 42x20 cm
• Maximum thickness (Loft): 15 cm

• Fabric composition: 20D Polyester Ripstop
• Lining: 20D Polyester Ripstop
• Insulation: (Thermal.Q 120 g/m² Polyester (80% recycled

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