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Mountain Hardwear PCT W 65L BACKPACK women's tailored backpack (currently out of stock).

Mountain Hardwear PCT W 65L BACKPACK women's tailored backpack (currently out of stock).

1 299,00₪Price

Professional backpack, with a large volume: 65 liters, durable, strong and extremely lightweight. Suitable for carrying a lot of weight for a period of time, adapted to work even in challenging conditions. Intended for women in terms of the structure of the bag, the weight distribution, and the structure of the back system.

technical details:

Size: S/M - volume 65 liters, weight 1.89 kg

Back system
• 6061 aircraft aluminum frame, provides rigidity, load distribution and precise anatomical structure, connected directly to the center of the waist band to transfer most of the weight directly to the waist, stretches the back mesh
• Anatomical pillow above the coccyx focuses most of the load on the waist
• Hardened, anatomical waist straps, wrap around the pelvic bones, guaranteeing comfort and excellent weight distribution, the waist belt can rotate on an axis, thus freeing the movement of the waist without interfering with the distribution of the load
• Anatomical shoulder straps, two-layer sponges of different densities, soft sponge close to the body for comfort, hard sponge on the outside provides rigidity for load distribution
• Adjustable back system, padded and moisture wicking, Trampoline back panel provides maximum ventilation
• Compartments with zipper closure on the waist belt
• Chest strap

Backpack body
• Sack structure, strong and allows compression of equipment and clothing
• The backpack cap that covers the opening, can be extended (adding 6 liters to the volume) and removed, including two compartments
• Flexible pockets, wide on the sides, for drinking bottles and equipment
• Front compartment with zipper closure
• Large front pocket, with zipper opening, for clothes or objects that you want to keep outside the backpack, or for immediate access or wet products, etc.
• I am safe straps, and I am safe loops for walking sticks and shekels
• Shrink straps
• Lower tie straps

• Made of the highest quality and recycled fabrics, lightweight and strong: Recycled 420D HD Nylon/210d Ripstop

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