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Multitool - Gerber-Truss

Multitool - Gerber-Truss


Do you like good and strong tools? Do you know Gerber? So here is an excellent tool, with a lifetime warranty and at a price you won't find anywhere else...

The Truss is a new multitool  that is partially based on the familiar old Susoension, with allotment improvements.
Let's start with the number of tools - the Truss has a larger number of tools (17), and what's more - as part of product streamlining, the Gerber company put fewer useless tools in the tool and included more tools with   a high probability of use.

The multititol includes:
Plier head, flat screwdrivers of different sizes, Phillips screwdriver, bottle and can openers, scissors, smooth blade, serrated blade, saw blade and many other tools. All the accompanying tools in the Truss are external tools, so there is no need to open the multitool to get to the tools. The tools are on the outside of the multitool and can be quickly retrieved. All tools in Multitool are locked, to keep you safe as a user while working.

The Truss is a multitool with a spring mechanism, which makes its use more convenient, and makes it easier to perform delicate tasks that require greater precision with relative ease. The multitool handles are made of one piece of metal, which ensures high durability, and is comfortable to hold.

technical details:

Overall Length:

16.5 cm
closed length:11.05 cm
including:Knife, fine thread cutter, smooth blade, serrated blade, large Phillips screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, large flat screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, wire cutter, wood saw, scissors, measuring tape, bottle opener, can opener, needle nose pliers, nail.
Weight:238 grams
Warranty: Lifetime 
Spring mechanism in pliers, tool locking, carrying case, external tool opening.

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