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Military backpack 50 liters - GOANATURE - SAVANA

Military backpack 50 liters - GOANATURE - SAVANA


The company GOANATURE has joined our list of excellent brands here on the site, a reliable, well-known and high-quality company.
The SAVANA backpack is a backpack for trips of more than a day, for a longer stay in the field with an excellent and comfortable volume of 50 liters. The well-known and beloved bag structure with an additional opening on the back of the bag that allows for the arrangement and removal of tools from the bag very easily without the need to take the entire bag out and put it back again every time. In addition to the bag, a variety of clip straps for tools and mooring rings, a scotch area for attaching objects and bags with scotch fastening. Possibility to tie things under the bag and on its sides, and most importantly - an excellent back system with comfortable straps for optimum adjustment just for you...

technical details:

volume: 50 liters
A convenient opening on the back of the bag for taking out and putting in objects
Velcro straps on both sides of the bag
Velcro straps at the bottom of the bag
A pocket in the bag cap

10-year warranty on seams and zippers(not on tears and not on clips)

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