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Mountain View

living in nature
The way to independence and prosperity in nature

Natural travel and lifestyle products for the whole family

Cosmetics and natural hygiene for the whole family

Cultivating ourselves with Mother Earth
Sitting by Campfire

Camping products,trips
and survival in the wild

We went to the forest, come with us on a wonderful journey
Picnic in Nature

join in
to the community

Why look for yurts for rent? - DIY! 

  Seemingly this looks like a post about interceptors,

Which raises the question - what about our website and yurts? - Good question and answered with another question:

Who are we, what is our message

And what does our community come to give to the world?

They say you have to prepare,

Why no one knows exactly

But we all feel something coming...


Recent Posts 

How to generate electricity?

  So how can you really generate electricity?

And I'm not talking about the electric company, they do it

with coal and with solar roofs purchased by the corporation.

I'm talking about how we as law breaking brats

can produce our own electricity independently

In any external factor that is not from nature?

I will give you 3 simple ways here...

 Who will survive in the end?

The year is 2022 and you are going on a trip

of Once in a Lifetime.

Western civilization, the monitoring system, the matrix then and now it, has completely disintegrated.

Tel Aviv - Azrieli Mall has become a huge squat full of hipsters and parties of every possible type of music, from 90's grunge in the parking lots below to an acoustic jazz trio on the roof of the round building.....

To return to nature - to return home..
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