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The perfect survival kit


In order to reach a maximum level of cost-effectiveness, we defined the Dipole tent in the basic kit as an excellent and particularly lightweight tent of the companyAztecThe excellent series -ATMOSPHEREfor 2 people.
It is a 2-season tent with a wide front door and 3 windows. In addition - the tent is made with the "easy construction" method, that is - the tent is built using clips that are caught on the tent's skeleton sticks so that there is no need to thread them but simply click easily and quickly.
Want to upgrade your kit to a more serious tent?
Search inExpansion options.



the backpackSAVANNAH of the companyGONATUREIt is a backpack for trips of more than a day that can contain all the kit in an optimal way - that's why we chose it!
The Savannah is adapted for a longer stay in the field with an excellent and comfortable volume of 50 liters. The well-known and beloved bag structure with an additional opening on the back of the bag that allows for the arrangement and removal of tools from the bag very easily without the need to take out the entire bag each time and put it back again. In addition to the bag, a variety of clip straps for tools and mooring rings, a scotch area for attaching objects and bags with scotch fastening. Possibility to tie things under the bag and on its sides, and most importantly - an excellent back system with comfortable straps for optimal adjustment just for you...


  Field kitchen kit

Here, too, we are talking about a kit that we have thought about in advance for your benefit and the benefit of your pocket. At a very affordable price, we were also able to introduce a folding, small and compact sheetAnd also a convenient and cute cookware set.
When you go out into the field it is very important to maximize space in your bag and take something with you that will be as useful as possible and as light as possible. We have a feeling that we managed to achieve a particularly good result!

ערכת בישול לשטח

Sleeping Bag

Here too we could go for the cheapest or a sleeping bag For NIS 700, instead we chose a sleeping bag that would be efficient and comfortable, folds down to a small size and takes up little space and yet Gives output and at a very affordable price.

שק שינה

 Combined ax (axe + knife)

Yes yes, exactly what you hear. 
The GERBER company and its Israeli supplier give us a lifetime warranty on this wonderful product. An ax that comes with a knife that is conveniently stored inside its sheath. A good ax, small and compact yet with enough weight present to be effective in the field. The uses for these two and more in one product, and from such a serious company, are countless. From cutting wood to the fire to making real tools. 
For a video demonstrating the use of an ax in field trips, click here 
For a video demonstrating the use of a knife on field trips, click here

(* the videos show knowledge and not a specific product)

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-16 at 14.28.13.jpeg

Magnetizing flashlight

Rechargeable, magnetizing and rain-resistant flashlight from the Nitelze company.
A rechargeable flashlight with a maximum light intensity of 850 lumens with 8 different operating modes will give you good and efficient lighting along with comfort and a comfortable weight.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-02 at 14.28.01.jpeg

walkie talkies

After smartphones no longer provide communication, we are left with homing pigeons, two bottles with a rope in the middle, or radios...
We decided to go for the best that the legal market in Israel has to offer and we went for MOTOROLA. You can choose between the T82 and the T62 - both are charged using rechargeable batteries included in the price, using regular AA batteries, or - and here's the surprise - using a USB connection! Yes Yes! You can charge them from our folding solar panel, or from the stove that knows how to produce electricity from fire, our BIOLITE energy products...

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-06 at 16.47.19.jpeg

 folding saw 

After the ax and the knife, comes the SOG saw. A folding saw with a lock that ensures efficient and comfortable work. A saw is used in the field for a wide variety of needs, from cutting wood for a fire to cutting wood for building a shelter or making work tools. Here too we chose a reliable, strong and good product. 
For a video demonstrating uses of a chainsaw on field trips, click here

(* The video shows knowledge and not a specific product)

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-02 at 15.03.04 (2).jpeg

Water Purifier

Weighing only 57 grams, the Sawyer mini water filter is capable of filtering up to 100,000 gallons from any natural water source at an extremely high filtration rate.

Extremely convenient to use and clean.

Water filtration system at the micrometer level. Eliminates 99.9999% of all bacteria such as salmonella and cholera.
Comes with a drinking bag for storing water with a volume of half a liter, an accessory for cleaning the filter and a drinking straw.

The filter can be used as a straw, easily attached to a sawyer bag, a drinking bottle or between the straw and a large water carrier on the back.

Allows a huge filtration of about 380,000 liters!


Holistic first aid kit

A kit that includes a professional first aid kit for personal use by the KITBOX company with a holistic addition of essential oils and natural calendula paste, this kit can be expanded to a larger kit from the KITBOX selection as well as adding holistic products at the customer's request. (100% biodegradable organic diapers, organic tampons 100% biodegradable, 100% biodegradable organic bandages, natural deodorants without aluminum and without chemicals, and more)

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-22 at 17.04.35.jpeg

Too bad

A strong and good 10-meter rope that will help you raise a tent, stretch an existing tent, hang pots and pans in your outdoor kitchen, tie products and other equipment to a bag, and much more...
The rope can be increased by ordering a kit according to length and price levels -
20 meters - 80 NIS
40 meters - 100 NIS

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-24 at 12.10.48.jpeg

 Professional folding compass

Professional compass, designed for reading maps, foldable and glows in the dark. The compass comes with built-in reading marks on the compass for accurate navigation and optimal understanding of the terrain conditions. Comfortable, lightweight and efficient. 

צילום מסך 2022-11-30 202415.png


Firestone is a very important basic product for trips and camping.
Through proper friction between the metal and the stone, a spark is created that helps us light a fire even if we don't have a lighter or any other modern means of ignition. 

Firestone is the best kindling for the traveler who likes to go back to his roots and maintain himself through sustainable means.

An excellent Israeli brand  and new to us - Cactus.

שדרוג הערכה

Additional products to upgrade the kit

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