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Machete - Gerber Gator JR

Machete - Gerber Gator JR


Get to know another machete from the GATOR series by GERBER, the Getor JR machete.
This alligator machete (GATOR) features a 27 cm smooth blade on one side and a saw on the other. The saw teeth are built in a zig-zag, diagonal way that allows the saw to work in both directions efficiently. The machete blade is made of forged stainless steel rich in carbon and paired with the Gator JR machete handle coated with Gator Grip (a texture reminiscent of crocodile skin that improves friction for a better grip), this feature characterizes all products from the Gator series and guarantees a grip Comfortable and safe even in non-ideal weather conditions such as sand, dust, humidity, water, etc. The machete comes with a sheath made of nylon that helps to carry safely when the machete is not in use and of course a lanyard that wraps around the wrist, for safer work. This lightweight machete   is designed for use in the tangled jungles on the one hand and for use in the backyard - both.

Technical characteristics:
Overall length: 47.6 cm
Blade length: 27.3 cm
Weight: 405.4 grams

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