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Pra - a warming ointment

Pra - a warming ointment


Natural vegan and organic ointment, helps in cases of muscle pain and rheumatic pain - dispersal of stress, contributes to reducing inflammation and heat in the body. Has properties that relieve headaches and respiratory tract, sinusitis. The ointment warms the painful area from the inside and circulates blood to it, which both relieves the pain and reminds and helps the body to heal itself.
Produced from cold-pressed almond oil, concentrated black pepper extract, sesame oil, soy wax, vegetable vitamin E.
Essential oils: rosemary, ginger, camphor.
Instructions for use: 
Intended for external use only, apply to the skin in the desired area with gentle massage movements.
Not intended for use during pregnancy. Do not apply to injured skin.
keep in a cool and dry place.
Content: 30 ml.

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